Organization operation & promotion

Organizational Operation

Period All year round (anytime)
Purpose Organizational management of the office and promotion of internal and external communication for realization of the council's vision and capacity
Main works - Organizational management of the office, budget, audit, document management, etc.
- Management of the articles of association of the council, establishment of work plans for the council, support for disaster relief funds, protocol, etc.
(The person in charge: Operation Support Division
Kim Si-chan ☎ 044-550-2502 / In Hee-jeon ☎ 044-550-2503 / Moon Kun-a ☎ 044-550-2504 / Baek Hyeong-min ☎ 044-550-2505)

PR General

Period All year round (anytime)
Purpose Establishing an effective external environment for resolving the issues of local councils by promoting the council's vision, role and major activities for substantial decentralization and the enhancement of local autonomy.
Target People, government, National Assembly, related institutions, etc.
Main works
  • - Maintenance and management of the council website (all year)
  • - Publication of online newsletters (newsletters for city and provincial council members, card news)
  • - Publication and distribution of council bulletin (4 times a year), creation of public information booklet and public information souvenir
  • - Council advertising (creating and publishing online and offline advertising content)
  • (The person in charge: Public Relations Division, Park Hee-shim ☎ 044-550-2541 / Park Hyun-soo ☎ 044-550-2523)

Communication with the Media

Period All year round (anytime)
Purpose Formation of public opinion favorable to the promotion of pending issues through active response to media
Target Domestic media organizations
Main works
  • - Compilation and sending of press releases on the council's main activities and issues.
  • - Conducting planned reports, media interviews, press conferences, etc.
(The person in charge: Public Relations Division, Park Hee-shim ☎ 044-550-2541)

Participation in Korean Local Autonomy Fair and Promotion

Period It has been held on October 29 every year for three days since 2013, traveling around the cities and provinces to commemorate ‘Local Autonomy Day’ and the name was changed in 2022.
Purpose The spread of social consensus on local autonomy and creation of opportunities for cooperation and communication between central and local
Co-host Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Local era committee, 4 Local Consultative Groups, etc.
(The person in charge: Public Relations Division, Park Hee-shim ☎ 044-550-2541)