Operation of the working committee business

Working Committee Meeting

Grounds Article 15, Paragraph 1~2 of the articles of association of the chairmen council of provincial & municipal assembly
Meeting time (Operation Regulation Article 12, Paragraph 1 ~ 2)
- Regular meeting: 10 times a year, August every year, not held in December
- Temporary Meeting: When the president or more than one-third of the members (six members) request it, it can be held by the president.
Meeting place Each province and city, in a fixed order (a rotation system/ Article 13 of the articles of association)
Meeting content Election of officers (regular meeting), deliberation on agenda and consultation of current issues (temporary meeting), etc.
(The person in charge: Council Business Division Son Young-sun ☎ 044-550-2552)

Joint Discussion of Steering Committee of National Provincial & Municipal Assemblies

Time Once every two years
Participants Steering committee of national provincial & municipal assemblies
Business Contents Presentation of topics, special lectures by experts, discussions, etc.
Expected effect Mutual information exchange among councils and parliamentary politics capacity enhancement
(The person in charge: Council Business Division Ahn Ki-woong ☎ 044-550-2551)