Strengthening Capacity of Provincial & Municipal Assembly

Workshop for the Persons in Charge in the Provincial and Municipal Assemblies for Mutual Cooperation and Information Exchange

Time 1-2 times a year (in charge of the general affairs manager), every other year (in charge of the operation expert committee)
Participants Public officials in charge of provincial and municipal assembly’s general affairs manager and operation expert committee
Business content Special lectures, discussions, cultural visits, etc.
Expected effects Mutual information exchange among councils and parliamentary politics capacity enhancement
Workshop for civil servants in charge of general affairs of provincial and municipal assembly
(The person in charge: Proceedings Division 1, Lee Seung-yun ☎ 044-550-2533)

Workshop for public officials in charge of operation expert committee office

(The person in charge: Proceedings Division 2, Choe Hyun-ae ☎ 044-550-2551)