President’s Greetings

this is the chairman of Metropolitan and Provincial Council Chairs Association of Korea, Cho Gilyeon.

As I take on the significant responsibility of the chairman of the 18th second half of the council, I will take the role and responsibility seriously and promise I will strive to advance the development of local government of Korea.

At this point, the biggest pending issues in local areas are actions for the crisis of regional extinction and resolution of inter-regional imbalances. It is time to speak out regarding balanced national development, actively respond to the crisis of regional extinction, and take the lead in implementing an era of stronger local government.

Also, the recently prepared 「Local Council Bill」must be passed in the National Assembly as soon as possible, and the recently established 「Local Era Committee」 must play an omnidirectional role to solve local issues.

I began my legislative activities as the 4th provincial council member in 1991 when local councils were revived. Having with rich experiences in politics, I promise that I will do my best to quickly solve the issues we face and strengthen the status of local councils in solidarity with city council chairmen across the country.

Thank you.

President of chairman's council of municipal and provincial assemblies
Chungcheongnam-do Assembly