President’s Greetings

I am Kim In-ho, the president of the chairmen Metropolitan and Provincial Council Chairs Association of Korea.

Everyone who visits the chairmen council of the national provincial & municipal assembly!
We sincerely welcome you.

The chairmen council of the national provincial & municipal assembly is a council composed of the chairmen of 17 municipal and provincial councils nationwide. It is committed to the development of decentralization and local autonomy in the Republic of Korea by promoting mutual exchanges and cooperation between councils on the development of local autonomy and the operation of local councils, and jointly working to reform unreasonable laws and systems.

We will do our best to improve the expertise of the provincial & municipal council in accordance with the revised Local Autonomy Act, which has been made for 32 years, and to reflect the public opinion in local administration and regional development strategies as a representative body for residents. In addition, for the purpose, we will establish a channel for policy consultation with the Blue House, the central government, the National Assembly, political organizations, and the four local consultative groups and try to strengthen solidarity and cooperation with them.

In this way, we will become a council that establishes the status of the local assembly, strengthens its authority, and realizes the people's wish for true local autonomy and decentralization.

I ask for your kind attention and support.
Thank you

President of Chairmen Council of the
National Provincial & Municipal Assembly
Chairman of Seoul Metropolitan Council