We would like to introduce to you Metropolitan and Provincial Council Chairs Association of Korea which represents the 17 provincial & municipal assemblies.

We will do our best to listen to your valuable opinions and reflect them in national policy for the development of local autonomy and decentralization.

Purpose of establishment

Its purpose is to promote mutual exchange and cooperation and to discuss common issues for the development of local autonomy and local assembly operations (Article 2 of the articles of association).

Relevant Laws

  • · Local Government Act : Article 165 (Consultative Group of Head of Local Government, etc.)
    1. ① The head of a local government or the chairman of local assembly can establish a national consultative group in each of the following subparagraph to promote mutual exchange and cooperation and to discuss common issues.
    2. ② An association of local governments may be established, in which all national consultative groups of each subparagraph of paragraph 1 can participate.
  • · Enforcement Ordinance of the Local Autonomy Act: Article 102 (Report on Establishment of Consultative Group, etc.)
    1. ① When the head of a local government or the chairman of the local assembly establishes a national consultative group under Article 165 of this Act, the following matters shall be reported to the Minister of Public Administration and Security.

Composition of Membership

  • · Members : 17 people (the chairmen of provincial & municipal assemblies)

    Seoul Metropolitan Council, Busan Metropolitan Council, Daegu Metropolitan Council, Incheon Metropolitan Council, Gwangju Metropolitan Council, Daejeon Metropolitan Council, Ulsan Metropolitan Council, Sejong Special Self-Governing City Council, Gyeonggi-do Assembly, Gangwon-do Assembly, Chungcheongbuk-do Assembly, Chungcheongnam-do Assembly, Jeollabuk-do Assembly, Jeollanam-do Assembly, Gyeongsangbuk-do Assembly, Gyeongsangnam-do Assembly, Jeju Special Self-Governing City Council

  • · Officers : President (1), Senior Vice President (1), Vice President (4), Auditor (2), Secretary General (1), Advisor (6), Chairman of Policy (2)
  • · Term of Office : One year (It is possible to serve consecutive terms.)

Role of the Council

  • - Promotion of mutual exchange and cooperation for the development of local autonomy and the operation of local assembly.
  • - Consultation of common issues of councils
  • - Efforts to improve the welfare of the residents and to facilitate the legislative activities of local councils
  • - Improvement of unreasonable laws and institutions for establishing local autonomy system
    └ To suggest revisions of legislation, such as the Local Government Act, to the central government
    └ To express opinions to the outside world, including adopting resolutions and statements
  • - Enhancement of local government development through research and review of advanced council models
  • - Research for development plan of local autonomy system
  • - Collection and exchange of information and data related to local autonomy

Improving local autonomy and decentralization through strengthening the ability of local councils

  • Expansion of autonomy of provincial
    & municipal assembly
    • Independence of authority over human resources of provincial & municipal assembly
    • Introduction of professional manpower for policy support of provincial & municipal assembly member
    • Reinforcement of autonomous legislative power of provincial & municipal assembly
  • Enhancement of capacity
    for legislative activities
    • Operation of advisory committees for policy development
    • Promotion of academic research for institutional improvement
    • Identification and diffusion of good examples of legislative activities
  • Promotion of internal
    and external exchanges
    and cooperation
    • Reinforcement of exchange and cooperation with local 4 groups
    • Holding policy meetings with other agencies, including the National Assembly
    • Reinforcement of cooperation with groups related to local autonomy.